Call for Papers

The 7th Asian CHI Symposium is the annual symposium organized at CHI conference to showcase the latest HCI and UX works from Asia and those focusing on incorporating Asian sociocultural factors in their design and implementation. This symposium promotes the region's unique problems and approaches to the global community. This year's symposium aims to bring about equal and fair access for anyone to exchange information and transfer knowledge in this multidisciplinary environment and multi-socioeconomic aspects of research and practice of HCI and UX in Asia.

We encourage the participation of researchers and practitioners from Asian professional and academic communities in all career stages (e.g., seasoned academics, early career researchers, graduate students, and even undergraduates who have interests in HCI) from Asian communities to be part of this. It also intends to foster a network of young researchers from the Bachelor to Doctoral candidates, recent graduates and postgraduate researchers.


Accepted Original Works authors will be invited to publish their works at either

Scopus-indexed Proceeding (the specific library is TBC)
Special AsianCHI Symposium 202
3 Publication

heck the past publications related to Asian CHI Symposium.


Submission Deadline: 25 February 2023

Notification of Acceptance: 10 March 2023

Submission of Camera-Ready Version: 24 March 2023

Asian CHI Symposium 2023 (virtual): 28 April 2023


We invite submissions on any of the following research themes and/or contributions within the following HCI fields, but not limited to:

  1. Novel interactive systems and interaction design and techniques;

  2. Novel hardware and software enabling new forms of interaction with computers;

  3. Input and output systems to support creative activities and expressions;

  4. Studies for understanding human capabilities related to interaction with computers;

  5. Knowledge, practices, methods, components, and tools that make technology more useful, usable, and desirable;

  6. Systems and services that address issues prominent in Asia; HCI for development or addressing issues well-known in Asia;

  7. HCI applications for learning, education and family in Asia;

  8. Playful interaction, player experience, and games;

  9. HCI for healthcare management, wellness, medicine;

  10. HCI and UX applications in the industry.

  11. Specific application areas or domains of interest that have significant impacts in the community, e.g.: marginalized community, disability, non-human stakeholders, charities, low and middle-income people, etc.


We welcome two (2) types of submissions:

1. Original Works (Paper, Poster, or Demo)

2. Showcase

All accepted Original Works, both in the form of Paper or Poster/Demo submissions, will be presented or demoed during the Asian CHI Symposium sessions.
Please refer to the ACM SIGCHI
publication template for submission.

Original Works

This category showcases novel works that include the followings:

  • Completed systems and/or studies,

  • Preliminary results of early iterations of design, engineering, or empirical studies, or

  • An extension or a discussion of alternative perspectives of previously-published work.

For the submission of the Original Works, authors can choose to submit their works in the form of:

  • Paper (between 5-10 pages including references and acknowledgement)

  • Poster or Demo (up to 4 pages including references and acknowledgement).


The Asian CHI Symposium Showcase represents relevant works that have been accepted for presentation in one of the CHI 2022 tracks, or any HCI and/or UX-related works published in the last one year (max. May 2021).

This type of work could be submitted if they are in line with the goal of the Asian CHI Symposium and have potential to broaden the dissemination of high quality published research and to inspire applications, replications, continuation, spin-offs, and collaboration.

The authors should submit the publication-ready version of their accepted submissions, or, the published papers to this symposium. There is no need for the authors to follow the Asian CHI Symposium Format.

Their submission to the Asian CHI Symposium will be acknowledged in the Symposium Publication in the ACM Digital Library in the form of the title and author names with a pointer to the corresponding entry in the CHI 2022 Proceedings or Extended Abstract Proceedings, or to other the corresponding publications.

All accepted showcase submissions will be presented during the Asian CHI Symposium 2022.