Asian CHI 2023 Symposium: HCI Research From Asia And On Asian Contexts And Cultures (Virtually), S01,
is scheduled to be presented Virtually on 28 April 2023. 

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Below are registration instructions for the symposium.  

At the request of the CHI 2023 General Chairs and the Workshop Chairs, CHI 2023 created a new registration category for those who are planning to attend only Asian CHI 2023 Symposium (S01). There is NO conference fee associated with this category, only the symposium fee must be paid to join. With this registration category, no other features of CHI are granted to registrants. This category grants access ONLY to the Asian CHI 2023 Symposium. Clik below for the special registration.

Aside from the symposium registration cost, there will be a publication cost of 250 USD for the Scopus-indexed proceedings.

Workshop and Symposium Registration

Virtual Workshop Registrants must be registered for the Virtual Full Conference +  the Virtual Symposium. Depending on your countries, the Virtual Full Conference fees differ. All fees are in USD.All fees are charged German VAT at 19%. VAT is shown in the table below and will be added on the payment page.  
Please see the breakdown below

Virtual Full Conference

Asian CHI Symposium (Virtual) S01 $85.68 ($72 + 19%)

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Registration Instruction

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